The first concert of duo Spo-Dee-O-Dee band (Tamás Szabó, harmonica player, and Zoltán Nemes, piano player) took place in March 6th 1998. From August 1998, the whole band includes the following musicians:

Tamás Szabó
(mouth-harmonica player and vocal)

Zoltán Nemes (piano and vocal)

Gábor Szűcs (guitar and vocal)

Gábor Torma (drummer and vocal)

László Varga (bass, double bass, and vocal)

The name of the band was formed with the impression of a song (Stick McGee Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee) from 1941. This song was played by numerous famous blues or/and rockabilly groups, such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Champion Jack Dupree, James Booker, Lionel Hampton, Stray Cats band, just to mention the most famous ones.

Since two-year existence of the band, we played at many music festivals, and had concerts with
Terry Evans and Percy Srother from U.S.A.




 Szűcs Gábor - vocal, guitar

Torma Gábor - vocal, drum

Nemes Zoltán - vocal, piano


 Szabó Tamás - vocal, harmonica

 Varga László - bass

About the musicians of the Band

Zoltán Nemes (23 ys.): Education: secondary school of music and cantor high school. He played in Mama Killed A Chicken, Paid Holidays, and Deep Fried.

Gábor Szűcs (22 ys.): He is self-taught musician. His ideals are B.B. King, Freddie King, Albert King, T-Bone Walker. He played in Jefferson Blues Band, and Pure Blues.

Gábor Torma "Frank" (22 ys.): After secondary school of music, he is studying at Hungarian Jazz Conservatoire. He played in Pure Blues and J.K.E. Funky Group.László Varga (27 ys.): After secondary school of music, he played in many local blues and rock bands, and moreover he played in Pure Blues and J.K.E. Funky Group.

Szabó Tamás: Curriculum Vitae



The recordings of the band could be found on the CDs following:

 The New Lodger (1999):   "I Left My Heart in San Fransisco", "Lullaby",
"Do Nothing 'till You Here From Me", "Breakfast Coffee".
 Harponic Movement (1999):   "Breakfast Coffee II."
 Paksi Nemzetközi Bluesfesztivál VII. (1999):   "It's House in The Lonesome"
 Második Magyar Blues Könyv CD-Appendix (1999):   "Tell Me What 's The Reason"
 Magyar Rádió Jazz Tracks Vol. 15. (2000)   "Pinetops Boogie"
 Paksi Nemzetközi Bluesfesztivál VIII. (2000):   "My Queen Is Home To Stay"
 Magyar Rádió Jazz Tracks (2002)   "Rocking Pneumonia", "Bad Time Boogie", "Snow White In The Sahara"
 Paksi Nemzetközi Bluesfesztivál X (2003):   "Some Sweet Day"

The first CD of the band came out in 1999 under the title
"Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee"

2000: "Boogie Woogie Barber Shop"

2002: "Ain't Got No Money" with Mezei Ádám (guitar)


In preparation of the first Hungarian Boogie-Woogie CD:
"Boogie-Woogie Barber Shop".

 Contact: Tamás Szabó (06-20) 965-7916