Curriculum Vitae

Picture1969: I was born in Mezőcsát in Hungary on 1st November, 1969.

1991: I started my harmonica playing in my age 22. At this time I was studying at the Technical University in Budapest. After this year I participated in several bands inside the university.

1994: I and a few musicians established the Paid Holliday band.

1995: The first record: Second Hand Blues.

1996: Our band had a successful concert in the Mojo Club in Zenta, Yugoslavia.

1996: The band had a concert in Budapest in a festival with Robben Ford, and the Chicken Shack.

1997: I wrote some articles in the second Hungarian blues harmonica playing book titled "Blues with the feeling".

The second record: Colors of the blues. (CD-Gallery)

I establiahed my new band, the Deep Fried.