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1968: I was born in Budapest. 1987: I have finished my education.

1989: My first LP came out as a member of Bistro Blues Band with the title "Tudod Csak Azért"
(You know just because).

1990: The English version of this LP as a CD version came out with the title "You Know Just Because".

1990: My first LP came out with PALERMO BOOGIE GANG.

1993: I recorded and edited the second CD with Palermo Boogie Gang with the title "Red Hot Blues".

1993: I participated at Hohner Harmonica World Championship and received a placed fifth in outstanding performance category.

1994: Third CD with Palermo Boogie Gang with the title "Bottle Up And Go"


: Recording and editing CD "Boogie Night in Budapest"
BIG JAY McNEELY, an American saxofonist.

1995: Recording and editing an unplugged CD (first unplugged CD in Hungary) with the title
"Night Time Is The Right Time". The CD is included into the CrossCut (Germany) catalogue, a European CD selling company.

1995: I was the producer of the "Caravan", a CD containing a collection of the archive recordings of
past harmonica players such as ABC Trio.

1996: Last CD from Palermo Boogie Gang with the title of "Anniversary".

1996: A twenty-minute concert film with Big Jay McNeely for the German TV company, SAT3.

1996: A twenty-minute interview took place in a well-known cultural program of Hungarian Television.

1997: I wrote a Hungarian blues harmonica schoolbook "Blues With The Feeling".

1997: My first single CD with the title "The Taylor's Clothes". (Realaudio!)

1997: Foundation of Duo version of Spo-Dee-O-Dee band with Zoltán Nemes, a piano player.

1997: Establishement of Hungarian Harmonica Association, I was a foundation member of it.

1998: Participation in the Hungarian delegation at Eurovision Songfestival, Birmingham.

1998: I was the producer of "The Song Is Ended", a CD of the great Hungarian piano player, Szabolcs Nagy. It conatins songs from 1920-30s.

1999: The second single CD "The New Lodger".  

1999: Production of the first Hungarian Harmonica Anthology "Harponic Movements".

1999: 90-minute interview in the Hungarian Television (MTV1)


1999: "Drinking wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee", a blues CD. (Realaudio clips!)

2000: "BOOGIE-WOOGIE BARBERSHOP" - a new CD came out. A tribute to the old piano style.


2001: A classical music album with my ex-student, László Csízy: "BLUE ORANGE".


2002: The last Spo-Dee-O-Dee CD came out: "AIN'T GOT NO MONEY".


2004: New classical experience, the "SILENCE" ensemble. (Balázs Fórizs - harmonica, Csaba Bese - doublebass, Zoltán Nemes - piano, Arthur Bálint Kövi - chello)

2004: Third solo CD: "PART OF SILENCE" (from film songs to country).



2005: In preparation a new live duo cd with Zoltán Nemes.

Moreover, I have participated and made many records in several concerts with Hungarian and internationally known blues bands and musicians, such as Champion Jack Dupree, Lousiana Red,
Otis Grand, Erwin Helfer And The Chicago Old Stars Band, Mojo Blues Band, Blues Wire,
Terry Evans, Ripoff Raskolnikov, Larry Garner, B.J. McNeely, Big Joe Turner Memorial Band
, Monthy Water.

Contact: Tamás Szabó +36 20 965-7916